South Aid


Hello Friends,

We know that families in the South of Israel are going through a tough time,
and we wanted to help. We have added a category called "South Aid" to the Wispa app,
where people can offer accommodation, services or any donations to help:

img Download the app

We are also collecting and delivering packages to families in the south.
Our office is located at 11 Nahum Hanavi street, Tel Aviv.
If you wish to drop off a package, you can contact us at 054-2100072.

If you don't have an Apple device (or unable to download the app for some reason),
you can access the Facebook group we made for this cause: "סיוע לדרום".
We would also like to thank The National Union Of Israeli Students for their cooperation

Wishing you a safe week,
Netanel Teicher and Shachar Grembek.